Alecia Charny

Alecia Charny


I am a seasoned professional Real Estate Agent, located in Toronto. It ‘s not about the money, it’s about creating great professional and personally relationships. In my over 32 years I have had the opportunity to do just that.

My experience and love for real estate started when I bought my first newly built home at the age of 23. Not knowing much about real estate at the time, I threw on a hard hat and went down to the construction site with the general contractor and watch every day as my first home was built.

Buying, renovating, building and selling came easy for me. Knowledge and experience are priceless. In 1987 my formal real estate career began, as a professional real estate agent gearing to assist others with my knowledge and guidance in making the greatest and the best decision in buying, selling and investing in real estate.

What I bring to the table: 

  • Priceless certified accredited knowledge

  • Business know-how

  • Extensive affiliations with builders and developers